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Rats and mice are unwanted pests for homes and businesses alike. These rodents are known for spreading disease and filth wherever they go. They also can cause damage to your home and cause allergic reactions in people. Our rodent experts are trained to locate areas of rodent activity and potential rodent entry points. We’ll ensure your home or business is protected from these pests year-round with expert rat and mice control services.

Signs of an Attic Rat Infestation

Rats are a common pest. Although they may be numerous, that doesn’t mean you’ll easily spot them. Rats are wary creatures and avoid human contact.

But even if you can’t spot a rat, there are other signs you can look for to confirm your hunch. The first thing you’ll likely notice is unfamiliar sounds in your home. Rats communicate through squeaking, hissing, and chattering sounds. But you might also hear gnawing and rustling within your home.

After you hear them, you might start noticing other bits of physical evidence of a rat infestation such as:

Gnaw marks
Rat tracks
Smudge marks on beams or walls

Attic Rat Trapping and Removal

If you have a rat infestation currently in your home, the first step is to trap and remove the rodents.

Rather than using poisons or rat traps to avoid unpleasant smells from rotting rats. Rat trapping is considered the most effective and safe way to control rats. The size of the infestation will determine how many traps, what types of traps, and what rat bait will be placed around your property. Typically, snap traps are the first choice. That’s because these traps can be used several times.

The trapping and removal stage usually takes between 5 to 14 days. But if you are dealing with a well-established colony, then the professionals might extend this timeline. Due to the very cautious nature of these rodents, trapping won’t happen overnight. But with time, this is an effective way to remove any rats currently in your home.

Attic Rat Infestation and Attic Clean Up

Rats make a mess in your home. They destroy insulation by using it for nesting materials, creating rat runs through it, and soiling it with urine and feces. Rats can bring many diseases into your home.

Rats contaminate any food they get into. A few diseases commonly transmitted through indirect contact with rats include leptospirosis, salmonellosis, tularemia, plague, and rat-bite fever. Finally, ectoparasites like mites and fleas can infest your home after hitching a ride on a rat.

Once the animals are removed, it’s time to apply sanitization agents to the contaminated area. Although improved sanitation is the first order of business, it’s not the only part of the cleanup process. Beyond sanitation, our specialists will put everything back in order. For example, let’s say that the rat colony tore up the insulation in your attic. In that case, our team would replace that installation to help you get everything back to normal.

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