Radiant Barriers

When looking at installing radiant barrier insulation in your attic, you will have three basic options. You can staple a traditional Radiant Barrier Foil to the rafters, lay it over the floor in your attic, or spray a paint product to the underside of the roof decking. I am still amazed that most people in the energy efficient business do not know about the new installation methods being used and are misinforming people that paint can be installed into areas that aluminum cannot. Energy Attic has a unique engineered installation method to get where paint wands cannot get to or will not even try to get to. We have been called many times after the paint companies refused to install paint because it was to difficult for them to install their products. I have customers that would be glad to back up this claim.

Your Energy Attic Radiant Barrier insulation system is Engineered specifically for your home. We will then install the radiant barrier by stapling it to the rafters and taping all the seams with aluminum tape. It is the most effective method because it prevents the heat from entering the attic and heating up or cooling down the duct work so that your air stays closer to the same temperature as it was when it left the unit. It also makes the units work less hard which will increase the life of your air conditioning system. The space between the roof decking and the radiant barrier forms an air space which will make the radiant barrier more effective and creates air flow from the eave vents to the roof vents which will also keep the attic cooler. We will also install baffles on the attic side of the aluminum from the eaves to promote airflow within the attic envelope. The great air flow cool will keep all moisture and condensation issues out of the attic.