Hollywood, is a beachfront community located in southeastern Broward County Florida, home to Cut My Kilowatts. Choose Cut My Kilowatts and Make Your Hollywood Home Comfy and Energy-efficient. Today, the concerns of the environment are growing bigger every day in every aspect of our lives. From reusable drinking straws to electric cars and solar power for our homes. The environmental concerns have also brought our attention to the landfills and how quickly they are filling up. With many things we purchase and use today can be recycled, but what about used insulation removal in Hollywood?

Insulation removal and replacement has gained some great concern over the past few years in Hollywood, as more people are buying older homes and flipping them. If you have purchased an existing older home, the Insulation removal from attic is probably a concern, and for good reason. Some insulation materials are unsafe to breath, like fiberglass, there are cautions to take with insulation removal.

When you choose Cut My Kilowatts for your radiant barrier installation in Hollywood, we guarantee satisfaction at a reasonable price. Cut My Kilowatts will do the job right. In Hollywood call us at 954-939-1500 or click here for more information.

With energy conservation and the development of “green” forms of construction, Cut My Kilowatts has made an investment into our thermal insulation division by adding a spray polyurethane foam system that can apply multiple styles of foam in Hollywood attics. By eliminating airflow and serving as a vapor and sound barrier, spray polyurethane foam provides a higher energy value per inch and increases structural stability for all types of new or existing home construction.

If you just want to upgrade the insulation of your Hollywood home to make it more energy efficiency and you are wondering if you have to remove the old insulation before you install the new in, then the answer is no, you don’t have to remove the old insulation, it is OK to install new insulation on top of the existing one.

Expert contractors that specialize in insulation in Hollywood, advise that removing old fiberglass insulation is best before installing new cellulose insulation because of possible mildew, mold, or rodent excrement. Cellulose insulation is made mostly from recycled newspapers ad paper sacks that are treated to make it mold-resistant, fire-resistant, and insect resistant. It is that pretreatment that makes cellulose insulation the better alternative. So, by having Cut My Kilowatts attic insulation removal service in Hollywood, you are getting rid of those possible issues.