Davie in central Broward County, Florida, is happy to have the services of Cut My Kilowatts. Cut My Kilowatts uses very expensive equipment to remove attic insulation. Cellulose, aka. (TAP or Greenfiber types) newspaper insulation can be smelly, dusty, and damp. We take full precautions before we take out old material from you Davie home. We take care not to stir up any contaminated material.

Blanket-type fiberglass is the easiest to remove in your Davie building. We hand-roll it and wrap it securely to reduce the chances of contaminants becoming airborne. And we clean up any dirty areas before we blow in a fresh layer. Blown-in fibers are extracted with secure hoses attached to powerful vacuums. Because the vacuum source is outside your home, it creates a negative pressure that ensures fibers will not fly around and contaminate your Davie indoor air space. Cellulose and paper type materials are raked, broken up and then vacuumed out of your attic. Once everything is removed we can deodorize and disinfect with Envirocon, safe for pets and children safe.

For professional attic solutions, Cut My Kilowatts is the licensed contractor of choice in Davie. In Davie call us at 954-939-1500 or click here for more information. Your satisfaction is our priority.

The line between repair and replacement is not always as clear–cut as we would like in some Davie buildings. There is often a number of ways to go about solving a problem, and it depends upon what your needs and budget are. We offer turnkey solutions that are comprehensive in scope, and we make sure our customers know the root–cause of the problem before we go about fixing it. In short, we want you to have options. If you find that you’re paying for duct repair too often, or that your Davie air ducts are so damaged that they are unable to be repaired, we can make sure that your duct replacement is taken care of quickly and thoroughly so that you enjoy minimal downtime.

Studies by Oak Ridge National Lab and Florida Solar Energy Center documented, on average, a 2–10 percent reduction in the air conditioning bills of Davie homes with radiant barriers (foil) installed in the attic, but almost no savings on heating costs during the winter. At Cut My Kilowatts we provide Davie property owners with a variety of attic restoration services. We will remove all old insulation and replace it with new insulation. Whether you need an attic restoration due to animal or rodent contamination, fire or water damage, or your insulation is old and has lost it’s energy efficiency; we have the solution to fix your Davie