Coconut Creek, the “Butterfly Capital of the World”, in Broward County, Florida, is home to Cut My Kiolwatts servicing all you attic needs. Blanket-type fiberglass is the easiest to remove. We hand-roll it and wrap it securely to reduce the chances of contaminants becoming airborne. And we clean up any dirty areas before we blow in a fresh layer. Blown-in fibers are extracted with secure hoses attached to powerful vacuums. Because the vacuum source is outside your Coconut Creek home, it creates a negative pressure that ensures fibers will not fly around and contaminate your indoor air space. Cellulose and paper type materials are raked, broken up and then vacuumed out of your attic. Once everything is removed we can deodorize and disinfect with Envirocon, safe for pets and children safe.

We have expert contractors that specialize in insulation advise and removing old fiberglass insulation in your Coconut Creek home. It is best before installing new cellulose insulation because of possible mildew, mold, or rodent excrement. Cellulose insulation is made mostly from recycled newspapers ad paper sacks that are treated to make it mold-resistant, fire-resistant, and insect resistant. It is that pretreatment that makes cellulose insulation the better alternative for homes in Coconut Creek. So, by have attic insulation removal service, you are getting rid of those possible issues.

We have built our reputation on long-term, successful completion of project goals and we strive to exceed our Coconut Creek customer’s expectations in everything we do. In Coconut Creek call us at 954-939-1500 or click here for more information.

Insulation removal and replacement has gained some great concern in Coconut Creek over the past few years as more people are buying older homes and flipping them. If you have purchased an existing older home, the Insulation removal from attic is probably a concern, and for good reason. Some insulation materials are unsafe to breath, like fiberglass, there are cautions to take with insulation removal in Coconut Creek.

We provide Coconut Creek property owners with a variety of attic restoration services. We will remove all old insulation and replace it with new insulation. Whether you need an attic restoration due to animal or rodent contamination, fire or water damage, or your insulation is old and has lost it’s energy efficiency; we have the solution to fix your attic problem. If you just want to upgrade the insulation of your Coconut Creek home to make it more energy efficiency and you are wondering if you have to remove the old insulation before you install the new in, then the answer is no, you don’t have to remove the old insulation, it is OK to install new insulation on top of the existing one in Coconut Creek.