Attic Restoration – Cleanup Services

When animals live in your attic, they can create significant damage and leave a big mess behind. Attic restoration is the process of restoring your attic to the original condition prior to the animal infestation. This can involve repairing chewed electrical wires and air ducts, but it most importantly involves the cleaning of animal waste. Read more about animal feces in the attic for photos. The droppings and urine can act as a vector for disease, such as Leptospirosis, salmonella infection, raccoon roundworm, hookworm, Cryptosporidiosis, and more. Most of these are of lower risk, and only occur if feces is accidentally ingested or in some cases if dust is inhaled.

Feces and urine can also be a fertile place for mold growth, which can cause harmful spores or Histoplasmosis. Again, occurrence of these is rare, and depends largely on you interacting with the feces in the attic. But there are other reasons to clean the attic, such as odor issues. Even in you don’t notice the odor, other animals will, especially since animal waste often contains pheromones that attract other animals. Even the smell of rodents can attract snakes into the attic. Your attic may contain nesting material, and parasites such as fleas or mites, which can get into the house and bite.

In extreme cases of attic contamination caused by rats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums and other nuisance wildlife, the removal of all existing and contaminated insulation is necessary before completing our 3-phase attic fogging treatment. In these occurrences, Cut My Kilowatts’s Specialist will provide a detailed breakdown of the exact reasons why insulation replacement is necessary.

At Cut My Kilowatts, we don’t do mediocre. We strive to create a healthy environment for your home, family and pets and will make sure that your attic decontamination needs are tailor-made to suit the authentic level of decontamination your attic needs.

In the event that all of your attic insulation must be removed to ensure proper attic decontamination, Cut My Kilowatts will also use our 3-phase fogging treatment to thoroughly cleanse and decontaminate your home’s bare attic space and then blow-in all new fiberglass insulation into your attic. Once the insulation has been re-installed, our Specialist will then treat the top layer of new insulation with our secret 100% organic rodent barrier. This allows us to ensure that no other rats or wildlife could even consider trying to nest in your brand new attic space.