Residential & Commercial Insulation

Our mission is to provide you with economical energy savings year after year. Insulation is one of the only home improvements that actually pays for itself. Let us show you how to get a great return on your investment through energy savings tax credits and Insurance credits.

Cut My Kilowatts was founded in 2009 by Jeffrey Munchnick and Scott Messamore. They heard the voice of many homeowners in West Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties whom were concerned about their high electric bills. They are facing a large amount of energy being wasted to poorly insulated homes and businesses. At Cut My Kilowatts, you can expect us to be committed to saving you money and improving the comfort of your business or home by lowering energy being produced, humidity levels and temperatures.

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We are a full service insulation company that specialized in prompt customer service! Every product we offer to our customers has been comparatively scrutinized and evaluated to insure to you, the ultimate user, that you have the strongest warranted and highest performing product of its type. We strive to offer an exemplary level of professionalism in our sales staff as well as in our expertly skilled group of craftsmen. All members of our installation team adhere to every aspect of each manufacturer’s specified regimen of installation procedures. Therefore, we can offer to you, the strongest material and labor warranties available.

Here at Cut My Kilowatts we make sure your home is being maximized for efficiency with insulation that makes a difference. We can replace your old insulation with new fiberglass or cellulose insulation. We want your insulation to make a difference. That means when it’s hot outside we aim to keep your home cool and when its warm outside we keep your home warm.